Pet Dental Procedures

Welcome to Calgary Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery, where we recognize the special bond between pet parents and their four-legged companions. We understand your pet’s health and happiness are important to you, so we’re committed to providing excellent dental treatment that goes above and beyond.

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Comprehensive Advanced Dental Care for Your Pet’s Oral Health

We specialize in advanced dental procedures to address and enhance your pet’s oral health. Our dedicated team understands the profound influence oral well-being has on your pet’s overall happiness and vitality. We offer a comprehensive range of dental procedures tailored to your pet’s individual needs.

From routine cleanings aimed at preventing dental issues to intricate oral surgeries resolving complex conditions, we prioritize your pet’s comfort and safety above all else. Our veterinarian employs the latest techniques and technologies, ensuring each procedure is performed with precision and care, fostering optimal oral health and well-being for your cherished companion.

Pet Dental Procedures We Offer

Professional Dental Cleaning with Dental Radiographs

Our meticulous dental cleaning, accompanied by advanced dental radiographs, ensures that we don’t just clean the surface but delve deep into your pet’s oral health. This proactive approach helps us identify and address potential issues before they become significant problems.

Complicated Exodontia, Including Full-Mouth Extractions

In cases of severe dental disease, we’re experts in complex exodontia, including full-mouth extractions. Rest assured, your pet’s comfort and safety are our top priorities during these procedures.

Root Canal Therapy & Vital Pulp Therapy

We perform root canal therapy and vital pulp therapy with precision and care, saving your pet from unnecessary pain and discomfort while preserving their natural teeth.

Guided Tissue Regeneration, Gingivectomy & Gingivoplasty

Our focus on periodontal health includes advanced procedures like guided tissue regeneration, gingivectomy, and gingivoplasty.

Crowns, Restorations & Orthodontic Treatment

We offer crown and restoration services to maintain and restore your pet’s dental health and orthodontic treatments to correct dental abnormalities.

Crown Lengthening Procedures for Fractures Below the Gum Line

For fractures extending below the gum line, our crown lengthening procedures ensure your pet’s dental structure remains intact.

Treatment of Medically Compromised & High-Risk Anesthetic Patients

We understand the concerns of pet parents with medically compromised or high-risk anesthetic patients. Our experienced team ensures their safety and comfort throughout any procedure.